Posters must be no larger than A0 in size (118.9 x 84.1cm / 46.8 x 33.1 inches), in a portrait format. The size of the poster boards are 6ft (1830mm) tall by 3ft (940mm), If your poster does not fit within these dimensions, we cannot guarantee it will be displayed.

Poster session 3 - Wednesday 1 April


The effects of Si-doping on dislocation core structures in GaN
Sneha Rhode, University of Cambridge, UK


Multi-microscopy investigation of the optical properties of dislocations in InGaN   
Fabien Massabuau, University of Cambridge, UK 


TEM Characterization of Perfluoropentacene grown on graphene
Rocio Felix Angel, Philipps-Universität Marburg, Germany


Multi-microscopy analysis of GaN-based microdisk lasers
Rachel Oliver, University of Cambridge, UK


Structure and morphology of para-sexiphenyl on polar and mixed-polar ZnO surfaces
Holm Kirmse, Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany


Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of doped and co-doped CdTe
AIT RAISS Abderrahim, Med V University, Morocco


Synthesis and some surface features of laminated ZnO/TiO2 transparent bilayer by two growth techniques
Bidini Taleatu, Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria


Effects of deposition period on the optical properties of nano-crystallised Al/Pb- oxide and -sulphide films
Mayowa Ojo, Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria


Characterisation of vacancy-related point defects in Zn-doped CdTe 
David Keeble, University of Dundee, UK


Microscopical characterization of 2D-film selenide heterostructures deposited on polar wurtzite AlN by molecular beam epitaxy 
C Bazioti, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece


Origin of surface defects in RP-CVD grown Si1-yCy epilayers by the oversaturation of Carbon
Gerard Colston, University of Warwick, UK


Examination of polycrystalline growth caused by contaminations in epilayers by electron microscopy
Phil Allred, University of Warwick, UK


Challenges of growth and sample preparation of GeSn for electron microscopy
David Patchett, University of Warwick, UK


Atom probe tomography analysis of defects in nitride semiconductors 
Rachel Oliver, University of Cambridge, UK 


Dislocation filters in GaAs on Si 
Richard Beanland, University of Warwick, UK


Structural characterisation of N-type SiGe/Ge superlattice structures for Terahertz emission
John Halpin, University of Warwick, UK


Image processing approaches towards optical microscopic analysis of monolayers to thin films 
Shourjya Sanyal, University College Dublin, UK


Correlating atom probe tomography with high-resolution scanning transmission electron microscopy and micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy: the case of III-Nitride heterostructures 
Lorenzo Rigutti, UMR CNRS 6634, France


Atom probe tomography visualizes elusive quantum dots in GaAs/AlGaAs core-multishell nanowires
Lorenzo Rigutti, UMR CNRS 6634, France


Continuous changing of 1D TbBrx stoichiometry inside the SWCNTs under the electron beam
Nikolay Kiselev, The Shubnikov Institute of Crystallography of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IC RAS), Russian Federation